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We are a human resources (HR) management firm with more than 20 years of experience. We provide training, consultation and advisory services to our Federal and private sector clients. more info

Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of human resources management consulting services.  We have the education and experience to analyze and advise our clients with the strategies and solutions they need to solve organizational problems and meet strategic goals. We provide expert consulting services in the areas of Federal HR and EEO.

We also facilitate meetings, retreats, teambuilding activities and other management interventions. We work with individuals, teams, large work groups and total organizational systems. Our consulting practice has taken us to clients in the public and private sectors throughout the U.S. and in Canada and Mexico.

We have, also, worked in a variety of industries with and with a wide range of occupations at all levels of the organization. We are convinced that this  wide range of experiences has contributed to our reputation for bringing cost-effective solutions with measurable and tangible results.

Our services include:

Coaching—Assisting employees at all levels in dealing with challenges in the areas of career development, leadership skills, interpersonal communication and compliance with regulatory mandates.

Dispute Resolution—Developing and implementing  resolution oriented approaches to conflicts and disputes .

Team Building—Understanding  the dynamics of teamwork and making effective use of tools and techniques for creating and maintaining high performing work teams.

Competency Based Management—Identifying the specific competencies which are associated with successful  performance and using them as the basis for workforce planning, selection, performance management, career development and succession planning.

Organizational Assessment—Identifying significant issues within the organization which impact productivity and relationship; recognizing how employees at all levels feel about and view the organization; determining  what is working , what is not and what needs to be improved, and developing and implementing change management strategies.

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