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We are a human resources (HR) management firm with more than 20 years of experience. We provide training, consultation and advisory services to our Federal and private sector clients. more info

Instructional Design Services

We customized training courses and training methodologies to meet the needs of our client organizations. This includes training we deliver that create or adapt to client needs as well as training materials that are used and delivered by other trainers including in-house training teams.  

We will assist you in assessing your needs by identifying the skills, knowledge, information and attitude gaps of a targeted audience and create, select or suggest learning experiences that close this gap, based on principles of adult learning, best practices from the field, and TAG (training assets gateway), our e-learning resource.

Blended Learning

We recognize that different learning needs require different solutions. Our blended learning approach combines different models of training and different modes of delivery in order to leverage our customers’ resources as well as address the unique learning styles and needs of the client organization. Through a combination of instructor led training (ILT) and “e elements” we assist you in creating the best training solution for your organization.

This may include classroom training, web-based training, webinars, video, CD-ROM courses, mobile learning and other new and emerging technologies. The benefits include costs and cost savings, optimizing resources, and the scale and speed of training that is possible. We assist you in creating  broad learning events and strategies that incorporate many approaches rather than a “one size fits all” approach to training.

Our Process

Our instructional design process begins with a needs assessment or some type of analysis to define the requirements and specifications followed by a training outline or prototype and includes the specifications for program evaluation. The next phase is development which includes materials and production  and may include quality assurance through field or beta tests.

The final stage in delivery of one or more learning events or experiences. The resulting evaluation ensures an ongoing process of determining the return on investment (ROI) of the learning experience and well as continuous improvement to the instructional design process as well as course content and delivery.

Train- the Trainers

We share our knowledge with others  through the use of our training resources (see TAG) and through our train-the-trainers course, Training in 3D.  We teach trainers and subject matter expert (SME) presenters our to design, develop and deliver effective training.
This includes:

•    Develop hands-on exercises, scenarios and assessments
•    Designs and develops instructional material for customer training
•    Utilizes effective needs analysis approaches
•    Utilize multimedia technology  resources
•    Determine needs of the course and appropriate methods of deliveryCourse Dates:

September 16-17, 2013
Washington, DC

Join us for a special offering of a new course TRAINING IN 3D.  This 2-day training course provides new and experienced trainers with the techniques, tips, and tools they need to design, develop, and deliver blended learning solutions.  Specifically, TRAINING IN 3D  shows you how to effectively blend both instructor-led-training (ILT) and affordable e-learning technologies to meet the learning needs of your organization.

Among other things, trainers will learn how to present information to appeal to various adult learning styles and assess learning during and after training.  Participants will have access to the training assets gateway (TAG), which includes hundreds of affordable resources on more than 45 topics such as leadership, ethics, team-building conflict resolution  and the award winning diversity & inclusion training series, The FAIR Way to Diversity and MEET on Common Ground.

Target Audience

The target audience is anyone who is responsible for designing, developing, and/or delivering training. This includes training professionals as well as subject matter experts and others with training responsibilities .

Training Cost, Date, and Location

TRAINING IN 3D is being offered in Washington DC, on September 16-17, 2013 at the introductory price of $495 per person. The course location is convenient to the metro station at MetroCenter.  In addition, and at no cost, this special offer includes a bonus certificate for a complimentary half-day course for up to 20 participants of your choice delivered at your organization (in the continental US).


The training methodology will utilize a blended learning approach, comprised of lecture, large and small group discussion, self-assessment, e-learning tools, individual and group presentations, and video feedback. You will take away a variety of learning aids, including the practical guide, “Framework for Blended Training.” 

Learning Objectives and Desired Outcomes

1.    Understand how to use blended learning to leverage training resources and meet the needs of various learning styles.

2.    Understand different learning styles and the principles of adult education.

3.    Identify training needs and evaluate training effectiveness.

4.    Design training to meet specific learning objectives and different learning styles.

5.    Develop and deliver a training module complete with activities or exercises.

6.    Practice effective presentation techniques.

7.    Develop an individual learning plan (IDP) to continue to build your competencies.