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EEO Training

EEO Solutions for Managers and Supervisors

Federal supervisors and managers are responsible for ensuring a discrimination and harassment work environment, and supporting agency affirmative employment goals.


This foundation EEO workshop is designed to ensure that they are able to understand these requirements, communicate them to employees and apply them to their day-to-day decisions and actions.

Dispute Resolution for Managers Supervisors, EEO and HR Officials

There is no question in our minds that one of the most wasted opportunities for cutting unnecessary costs while improving vital relationships is the failure of organizations to take advantage of options  such as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to try to resolve complaints and disputes.
This workshop focuses upon the use of techniques from the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as tools for bringing about resolution in employee/management conflicts if any type when an opportunity to do so exists. It is also designed to assist EEO Counselors, Specialists and Grievance Examiners in taking resolution oriented approaches to fact-finding inquiries.

Major areas of focus for this workshop are

Practical definitions of discrimination;

Recognizing and responding to actual and potential situations which may meet the definitions;

Understanding the differences and similarities between EEO, Affirmative Employment and Diversity and Inclusion;

Tools and techniques for avoiding and correcting discriminatory decisions and conditions in the workplace;

Responding to allegations and complaints of discrimination in an appropriate and effective resolution oriented manner;

Communicating EEO rights and responsibilities to employees;

Using the EEO office as a resource for information and assistance in meeting Affirmative Employment Plan goals.

The Respect-filled Workplace: Preventing Harassment

This workshop focuses on meeting requirements for a harassment free workplace through the pro-active management of the work environment and effective communication of expectations with employees at all levels.

The worshop will address all forms of harassment prohibited under EEO laws as well as other forms of inappropriate behavior including bullying.

The major areas of focus for this workshop

  Definitions of harassment under EEO laws and policies

   Sexual harassment

   Harassment based upon other considerations such as (race, gender, sexual orientation,    national origin, religion, disability, age).

   Categories of harassment.

   Quid pro quo

   Hostile environment

Taking practical steps for prevention and correction.

Recognizing and responding to actual and potential harassment situations

Addressing other types of inappropriate behaviors in the workplace, including bullying.

Note: Employee workshops: We have special presentations of all of the above listed programs for non-supervisory as well as mixed groups.

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