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We are a human resources (HR) management firm with more than 20 years of experience. We provide training, consultation and advisory services to our Federal and private sector clients. more info

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We offer skills training for supervisors, managers and executives, as well as leadership development.  

The Secrets of Success (SOS) for Supervisors Series focuses on practical solutions to common challenges and concerns. Taking a “facts of law; facts of life” approach we link the requirements of law, regulation and policy to the day-to-day decisions supervisors make with the added complexity of interpersonal dynamics that often affect the outcome of these decisions.

This series includes workshops on the following topics:

•    Giving effective feedback

•    Delegation

•    Building effective work groups and team

•    Monitoring, tracking and monitoring performance

•    Having difficult conversations

•    Resolving disputes and complaints

In addition, these offerings can be adapted for employee briefings and training sessions.

The Leaders Journey Series is a leadership development training course. It consists of “stand alone” modules designed around each of the competency clusters identified the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) as important for the effective performance of Federal supervisors, managers and executives. 

The 27 leadership competencies are grouped into five competency clusters: Leading Change, Leading People, Achieving Results, Managing Resources and Building Coalitions.

During each module, participants learn and practice the competencies associated with the specific cluster.  Participants chart their learning using a “Hero’s Journey”—an easy to understand framework that: (1) includes a self-assessment; (2) provides engaging and interactive activities to support understanding and learning; (3) shares specific tips and tools outlining best practices; and (4) creates an action plan for future development and growth.

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