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Competency Based Management

Consistent with Federal-wide efforts led by OPM, we assist organizations in identifying and using competencies as a human capital methodology for recruitment and selection, advancement, career development, performance management and succession planning.

Competency-based management (CBM) improves an organizationís ability to leverage human capital resources by documenting what staff needs to know as well as how they demonstrate their knowledge and skills (for individual and organizational performance and success).

We define competencies as observable abilities, skills, knowledge, motivations or traits. These are supported by key behaviors which illustrate the way in which they are exhibited in specific occupations and work environments.
Competencies play a key role in decisions such as:
  •  recruiting and hiring
  •  training and development
  •  career planning and advancement (including career promotions)
  •  performance management (including coaching and feedback)
  •  succession planning (including job assessment and position management)
  •  awards and recognition
Competencies are also used in position descriptions, interview guides, hiring criteria and methods, assessment processes, individual development plans (IDPs), performance management processes, and employee development opportunities such as training, mentoring and rotational assignments.
Competencies help supervisors:
  • make better hiring decisions
  • give employees feedback, information and assistance 
  • distribute work more efficiently
  • create training and development opportunities
  • plan for future workforce and staffing needs
  • make decisions on career promotions and other advancement opportunities
Competencies help employees:
  • understand the performance expectations for their positions
  • identify their strengths and areas for growth and development
  • focus on specific opportunities that will help them grow and enhance their performance.
  • understand the competencies needed for promotion and career advancement

Let us assist you competency based management through any of the following services:
  1. Writing (and classifying) accurate and complete descriptions of the identified positions (or occupations)
  2. Establishing S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based) performance plans that link critical elements and related metrics to the positions.
  3. Identifying and defining competencies and proficiency levels validated as accurate by subject matter experts (employees, team leaders, supervisors, managers and executives) who, through survey data and other data collection methodology, indicate which competencies are applicable to their positions (or the positions they supervised).
  4. Introducing competencies to the agency through a communications strategy that may include an agency-wide training effort.
  5. Incorporating competencies into career development, individual development plans (IDPs), and performance feedback.
  6. Identifying competencies associated with the training and development activities currently available in order to assist supervisors and employees in identifying and selecting learning opportunities.
  7. Validating proficiency levels and developing a comprehensive approach for using competencies in recruitment, selection, advancement and succession efforts using employment practices that meet the standards for validity and reliability.
  8. Developing policy and/or standard operating procedures including guidance on how to screen for minimum qualification, rate and rank, conduct structured interviews, use performance samples and make final hiring, promotion or advancement decisions
  9. Producing templates, job aids, and guides.

The new performance plans have reduced employee concerns about fairness and consistency. The customized competency definitions support the critical elements and standards and facilitate better communication between supervisors and employees.    
                                                                              Connie Harshaw, DOT/OIG

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